Criminal Law and Misdemeanor Proceedings

The Minic Law Office is a specialized criminal defense office and has extensive experience in criminal cases since its establishment.

Our many years of experience in representing and defending clients in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings before competent authorities make us highly qualified to provide all legal services in criminal and misdemeanor law, which primarily include:

  1. defense in all types of criminal proceedings – representation in acts of general criminality in all stages of criminal proceedings, before all competent authorities,
  2. defense in all types of misdemeanor proceedings,
  3. representation of injured parties in all types of criminal and misdemeanor proceedings,
  4. representation of legal entities in proceedings for criminal acts and economic offenses,
  5. representation in proceedings of organized and high-tech crime.

In addition to the above services, we provide the necessary advice and answers to all questions in this area. We also provide all other legal services and legal assistance when filing criminal charges, private criminal charges and other types of acts in criminal proceedings, such as a proposal for reimbursement of a property claim, compensation for the costs of the proceedings, compensation for damages due to unjustified deprivation of liberty.

Our goal is to solve all your legal problems in the most professional, responsible and timely manner.