Administrative Law

Administrative Law is an area that each of us encounters almost every day. Even seemingly simple and straightforward situations that we encounter when meeting with administrative bodies are regulated by laws, from which comes the obligation to act lawfully by administrative bodies. Numerous and not so well-known by-laws regulate this very broad area of law, and the simplicity of adopting these various regulations necessarily entails the need and obligation to familiarize ourselves with new by-laws every day. It is our duty, and at the same time a pleasure, that our office constantly monitors and studies new regulations in the field of Administrative Law.

We provide counseling services for natural and legal persons, as well as their representation before state administration bodies and in administrative disputes before the Administrative Court. We provide the following legal services in this rich field:

  1. drawing up requests that initiate administrative procedures,
  2. representation in proceedings before tax, inspection, cadastral, urban planning and all other state authorities, including drafting appeals against administrative acts,
  3. representation in proceedings before the Administrative Court.